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From all the creatures that exist in our planet, dolphins are the mammals with which we feel more comfortable; even more than chimpanzees. We love to watch them and they also enjoy our company.


Although there is no record of when this mutual relationship began, we know that since the times of the Ancient Greek, dolphins were considered special beings. Artists even used them as part of the motifs used in boats and craftwork.


Dolphin Grace

Beautiful, gracious, incredible agile and friendly; Greeks thought that dolphins were some kind of god or maybe, a manifestation of their gods. Even today we admire their intelligence and their grace. A fitting painting, by Neil Shaw, captures this attribute. He aptly named it, "Speed & Grace".


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The greatest minds of classic Greek culture, men like Aristotle, Theophrastus, Plutarch and Herodotus mentioned them in their works. In the case of Aristotle, he spent long journeys at sea recording these fantastic animals, gathering all the information he could find from both dolphins and fishermen.


Even the name, dolphin, is a demonstration of how much the Greek knew of these creatures. In Ancient Greek, the word dolphin stands for delphin, which means “with a womb”. The Greek knew the special relation that existed between the mother dolphin and calf.


The Dolphin Connection 

With time, we have learned that dolphins and humans share emotions like humor (they tend to play pranks on pelicans), love (easily distinguishable when observing a mother dolphin and baby dolphin calf) and even joy (have you seen the smile of a dolphin?). This emotion is best captured in Neil Shaw's painting, "Mother and Child". As a matter of fact, humans and dolphins share some extraordinary abilities like the capacity to use tools.


In 2005, a group of researches in Australia discovered that parents taught their calves to use tools. How so? The mother teaches the calf to put a sponge in its snout. That way they can protect it while exploring and learning the dangers that lurk underwater. The most remarkable thing is that this knowledge is transferred between the mother dolphin and calf, so it can’t be considered an instinct embedded in their genetic memory.


One of the most interesting things is the relation between mother dolphin and calf. As with humans, the mother dolphin and baby dolphin share the first years until the calf is big enough to sustain by itself. When that happens, the bond between mother dolphin and baby dolphin calf is broken and the adult dolphin begins a life of its own.


Hawaiian Dolphins

Fortunately, Hawaii is surrounded by dolphins. The temperature and the richness of its surrounding waters are quite appealing to this species. Since the time when the first humans arrived to these islands, the relation between the natives and dolphins has been quite friendly. They also admired the relation between the mother dolphin and calf.


If you are an enthusiast of dolphins and want to admire the special relation that exists between mother dolphin and calf, then Hawaii is your destination. There are several places within this archipelago that are perfect for this activity. You may swim among dolphins with a marine biologist. He or she will give you information of these wonderful mammals.


Don’t worry, though, that you will perturb in any way the ecosystem of the dolphins, the mother dolphin and baby dolphin calf. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why the marine biologist is necessary is because he or she will be able to perceive the mood of the dolphins. If it is ok, then you may submerge into the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Once you are underwater, you will be able to watch the relation between mother dolphin and calf. You will see how these two creatures of nature enjoy the pleasures of their environment and how they live in peace and harmony.



Protective Mother Dolphin

However, that doesn’t mean that the mother dolphin and calf do not face any kind of danger. Besides man, dolphins have several enemies, large shark among them. When this happens, the dolphins make a circle and surround the mother dolphin and baby dolphin calf. That way the protect their lineage. Unfortunately, a mother dolphin and calf may find themselves victim of their predators.


If both mother dolphin and calf face that situation, it’s most probable that the mother dolphin will do whatever she can to protect her calf. This conduct is very different from the majority of animals that exist in the planet.


This special relation between the mother dolphin and calf is another proof of why we feel so identified with dolphins. We also share the same feelings towards our descendants. So, enjoy the tropical waters of Hawaii and prepare for the adventure of your lifetime.

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